The mission of the magazine VLERA…

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Bismil-lahir- rahmanir-rahim.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

Dear Readers!
As-salamu alaikom! May Peace and blessings of God be upon you!
The culture of reading and writing is the best way to make a person happy and immoral
in this life. The art of holy writing won hearts of millions of people since the VII th until
today. Therefore, Saint Advices never gets old, they are as an untouchable soul that
everyone can feel and get pleased with its fruitful orientations.

“VLERA” will witness and manifest the ethical-moral, traditional, religious and social
values, and will rebuild the most beautiful and shiniest position in society all over the
Albanian speaking world.

Because that main factor in family institution is the women, then all the changed and
enforcements of human values will be reflected by her. Our holy work in magazine
“VLERA” is that we’re going to work in enforcing and establishing the personality of
women and then the whole family. We’ll encourage them in the direction of education in
ethical-moral and religious field, because Religion is the only orientation where the
woman finds her personality and human values.

This is “VLERA” more of any other orientation of value, which composes human in
The articles of “VLERA” are instructive and enforcing for the woman and families
in our kosovar and all Albanian speaking society.
The work and efforts from us, the success from God!

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